Dashfolio 2015
The Web Author's Professional Dashboard

Welcome (Back) to Planet+Ultra®

The solar spectrum will be in the spotlight this year, for what is also the third edition of my NetPlusUltra®-sustained program consolidation. Accordingly, this version 2015 of my professional dashboard regroups the multi-thematic weblog, the three contact forms covering the info/net/org dimensions of my network systemics, and all the sidebar connections necessary to navigate consistently from one point of my conceptual Webfolio multiverse to another.
2015 therefore promises to be an enlightening year for more than one reason. From a NetPlusUltra®-focused perspective for example, a planet which - after two years of presentation - should not seem that far from our earthly realities anymore, it will be the year of a systemic convergence towards a new understanding of our immediate space and time continuum (meaning of our environment), and of the way to gain more insight into the latter along the spectrum of societal, legal, economic, organizational, cultural, artistic and scientific concerns.
With this in mind, I would like to invite you to pursue this exploration across the four dimensions of a new matrix of 2 columns x 2 rows, which is conceived this year so as to enable us to correlate the credit and debit sides of one and the same accounting sheet with the transversal management and socialization processes resulting from the human preoccupations which determine our interactions. Whereby the purpose of this exercise remains to set conceptual convergence dynamics into motion, with a view to optimizing the management of this new form of augmented reality.
If the above announcement already sounds to you like a new form of exospheric gibberish, I can only encourage you to refer to chart n° 1/6, which summarizes this new mission statement… Is it clearer now? It couldn’t be more concrete, indeed: the credit and debit dimensions correspond respectively to our productive working time and to our consumption of leisure activities, whereas the transversal administration and socialization processes refer to the way we should organize ourselves if our goal is to optimize our collective return on financial and cognitive investment.
As the official external dashboard of my internal enterprise capitalization system in development, the present weblog is conceived so as to enable me to manage the systemic complexity inherent in web program management.
I wish you a pleasant illumination!