Dashfolio 2015
The Year of Blogging Convergently

Closing entry

The time has come to close this weblog with the conceptual year-end debriefing. To sum it all up in one post for the benefit of maximum insight, here’s a list of my highlights 2015:

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Domain name replacement

Please be informed that I just moved my Gridfolio website from its current address to https://gridfolio.daniela-berndt.foundation (1), as part of an optimization of my portfolio of domain names. The immediate consequence of this operation is that a few links will remain broken until the related update is completed.Continue reading

A perpetual renewal

This Rightsfolio would remain incomplete and somewhat tasteless, a few days from Christmas, without a last cherry on this cake which remains to be shared into conceptually equitable pieces; hence this final contribution which, I hope, will lift the spirits of those afflicted with a tendency to see nothing but the eternal return of the half-empty cup at this period of the year.Continue reading

Your roadmap to affiliation

Although this Rightsfolio module is not entirely completed yet, this new episode already provides - together with the Gridfolio (1) to which it adds a new extension pertaining to societal issues - a preview of the program that prospects for membership will have to apply (as an individual roadmap) to their own life project, in order to get ready until the final version of my self-affiliation portal becomes operational.Continue reading

Long-term perspectivation

A sneak preview into what a starter’s entry into active life could be like on Planet+Ultra®, for the attention of senior high school students wondering which step to take next, those who just started or resumed their studies, and university professionals alike.Continue reading

A better world

It is with sincere compassion for the families bereaved by the tragic events in Paris, and in the hope that this ordeal will only reinforce everyone’s determination to relentlessly pursue the goal of achieving a new era of peace, that I am resuming, on this sad Monday, the publication of my conceptual specifications into a better world.Continue reading

The grand design

Whether you are a parent, a grandparent or childless…a student or a professional, jobless, or retired, I'd like to invite you on a new conceptual journey - back into childhood this time - with a view to reflecting on the progress accomplished in all areas of soci(et)al modernization, as considered in light of what remains to be achieved.Continue reading