Dashfolio 2015


By Daniela BERNDT

1 • The guarantees of master-franchising
NetPlusUltra® refers to a web-sustained master-franchising service which enables internet users with a capacity for autonomous action to create and pilot their digital life in full transparency as members of a secured network environment, so as to sustain a living from their tangible or intangible productions. The underlying capitalization system draws upon a conceptual incubation formula which is provided to the affiliate member in the form of an user interface entirely dedicated to the system’s purpose. Membership therefore represents for franchisees a genuine insurance against (dis)organized cybercrime.
2 • A healthy and solutions-oriented democratic society
The first guarantee is a proof of legitimacy provided through the conditions of admission, which, far from being prohibitive, require from every prospective member as much self-implication as if the challenge consisted in re-applying for the driver’s licence, i.e. in contributing to the securement of the new knowledge highways by starting with upgrading one’s own practices. How? By making oneself admissible for affiliation, through the production of a faithful self-presentation aimed at help for self-help. Accordingly, only the first of the following three concept modules constitutes a prerequisite for affiliation, for necessary and sufficient reasons which you will find on the homepage thereof.
3 • A legal framework dedicated to the conceptual separation of concerns
In terms of our user experiences, let us imagine what exploring the global network would feel like if instead of having to suffer the systemic consequences of the following clash of specifications: principle 1 (universal declaration of human rights), catalogue 2 (international law), cataract 3 (geopolitical nebulosis), catalepsy 4 (national law), catalysis 5 (decentralization), cataplasm 6 (EULAs), catabasis 7 (authorship denial), catatonia 8 (socio-economic legitimacy crisis)… we could enjoy some more transparency: step 1 of purchasing a NetPlusUltra®-franchised computer conceptually locked upwards, step 2 of unlocking the latter by configuring the integrated Unified Conceptual Declaration (UCD) under permanent auditing and improvement, and step 3 of entering the system’s value production process…Welcome to Planet+Ultra®! For now, we are (stuck) here:
4 • Cognitive economics as a business model
Membership with the web franchising system will foster and sustain the franchisee's neuroplastic expandability with a view to turning every member into a producer of conceptual solutions, whereby the process is as positively irreversible as learning to drive: mastership and self-confidence come with practice, and stabilize at the point of equilibrium, which is itself under permanent scrutiny. This is what makes affiliate members intelligent micro-economic agents who feed their individual earned-value dashboards so as to enable the underlying macro-economic business model to aggregate itself - through continuous assessment of the new value of things - into a conceptual matrix of the system’s normative-adaptative standards of living.
5 • Evolving in a modular matrix environment
As a web-franchised and self-salaried independent professional, you will cyberwork from home, which does not necessarily turn your private estate into commercial premises: indeed, your workspace is virtual, and consists of a VPS-enabled online business, with embedded private "Intranet+" (native environment) and "Extranet+" (multi-OS environment) extensions. Considering further that managing a web project or program is all about optimizing a conceptual matrix of resources, using a formula which is no less than an unfakable problem solving process, knowledge acquisition inside the system is the (engineered) permanent side-effect of applying that concept formula to one’s perimeter of affiliation (i.e. of responsibility). Enough to purge the economy of the major dysfunctions which keep corrupting the latter (secretarial, training, and consulting positions), since such traditional person-in-the-middle activities are considered on Planet+Ultra® as part of the responsibilities of the self-authoring affiliate project manager, and as such, to be integrated through conceptual automation into the latter’s user interface.
6 • From the observation of cultural diversity to the conceptual exaltation thereof
With the system’s knowledge spectroscopy aggregating itself from every member’s input, conceptual self-integration into the franchising system is provided for by the mandatory and optional fields of the UCD, as any given form entry will automatically serve to compile the corresponding web service directory, which makes NetPlusUltra® the master directory containing all others. A bicultural profile such as mine will therefore be referenced in the conceptual directories of members: 1.0) of French citizenship, 2.0) born in Germany, 3.0) living in France, having 4.0) German as their native tongue, and 4.1) French and 4.2) English as their 1st and 2nd foreign language, etc. All it takes to deploy my web service, which - from a technical standpoint - is already operational, is to enable interested internet users to register from a country where the official NetPlusUltra® configuration (for Mac, Windows and/or Android) is technically implementable (at end-user level), since it is subsequently on the grounds of the search results from the "extended Externet+Ultra® search engine" that decisions will have to be made in compliance with national laws. All other cases will have to be handled as exceptions pending conceptual review before the latter can be considered as proofs of concept admissible for integration.
7 • A system under permanent self-regeneration
Let us now imagine what our global performance would be if the world was monitored by computers equipped with a conceptual UCD-enabled knowledge capitalization system customized by its members (insofar as fulfilling the self-declaration-based optimization requirements lies in the responsibility of each and every web franchised citizen), so as to lead us all - as consumers and/or producers responsible for their actions - to our next best destination, in everyone’s double interest, moral and financial. Such a system would require that we feed our individual EVM dashboards in a way that automatically changelogs our administrative, personal, social and professional activities to the assets or liabilities of a balanced sheet of accountability measuring our individual contribution to the collective effort towards self-sustainability. In other words: the individual and collective aggregate results would be automatically computed by the said capitalization system, and provided for review and validation by everyone concerned (and legally capable) within the limits of what the members have conceptually defined (and voted) as being legitimate with a view to integration into the network’s knowledge base for decision-making. We would live in a self-learning, R&D-friendly society evolving under permanent optimization, from which all forms of waste would be excluded, and in which everyone would individually enjoy a self-engineered quality of life without harming anyone. In short, we would live in a much more generous democracy.
8 • A spectroscopy of humankind's resources
As both an incubation and a terraforming formula, my NetPlusUltra®-enabled solution is engineered so as to protect itself from all forms of misappropriation, and constitutes, by the simple fact of this established evidence, as natural a monopoly as the woman’s supremacy in terms of birthing. If the "system 2.0" in its current self-sabotaged state does not enable to patent the "solution 8.0" to that core problem, the "®" in "NetPlusUltra®" must be understood as both a confirmation and a warning that all necessary and sufficient measures pertaining to registration have already been conceptually taken, by me as a responsible web author and program manager, in order to dissuade the usual sectarian detractors from resorting in vain to collective suicide instead of (re)applying for a licence. It should indeed be clear to everyone by now that a society which endorses, if only by default, the hacking of the very source code that defines us as human beings is irrevocably doomed to failure.
That's all, folks! My Intrastellar-odyssey is slowly reeling to its end... And I am looking forward to greeting you on Planet+Ultra®, whose name designates a viable environment!
9 • On promoting help for self-help
As the self-authored master-franchiser and provider of this private and independent NetPlusUltra®-sustained web incubation service in development, it is in my twofold moral and financial interest to see to it that my virtual affiliation pathway remains self-explanatory, since you share the same interest, as prospective members, to stay both autonomous in your self-preparation, and supportive of the underlying conceptual "master-rationale" which makes it all possible. As an integral part of the said web service, my Metafolio-based declaration of online presence is therefore to be considered both as the official users guide to individual self-compliancy, and as a credit I am granting you with regard to the individual membership fee which will have to be paid upon registration (through the portal in development). Considering further that this concept presentation is optimized for "one-to-one" (prospect to internet user), "one-to-group" (prospect to family, friends, and colleagues), and "one-to-many" communications (from Daniela BERNDT by web publication to whom it may concern), it is through your browser’s "share (by encrypted email or instant messaging)" button that this webpage is most respectfully promoted from a conceptual perspective. In everyone’s general and specific interest, please take care to not share it through such amalgamating social platforms whose terms of use include the following clause by default of free access (thereby turning every subscriber into what marketers call a cash cow):

You retain your rights to any Content you submit, post or display on or through the Services. By submitting, posting or displaying Content on or through the Services, you grant us a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license (with the right to sublicense) to use, copy, reproduce, process, adapt, modify, publish, transmit, display and distribute such Content in any and all media or distribution methods (now known or later developed). Source: Twitter's Terms of Service; see also Facebook, Flickr, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

10 • All of which makes "NetPlusUltra®"…

… the formula (the solution) that is not open for discussion … in the social networks (the problem)!

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