Dashfolio 2015
The Year of Blogging Convergently

Status update

The recent upgrades of Safari 9.0 and El Capitan came with their (expected) batch of display issues pointing back to my shared SSL configuration, which confirmed the necessity - as regards informational websites - to revert back to simple "http" settings, for the sake of a better navigation experience. Indeed, thanks to the recent improvement of the shared SSL option included in my professional web hosting package, it is no longer necessary to publish ".htaccess" files onto the server, as accessing a website directly over the "https" connection is now all it takes to activate the integrated SSL encryption.

I accordingly updated my Checkfolio website (1), which I published in July 2014 with a view to dissipating the interpretative clouds surrounding SSL certification, by adding a redirection notice to the corresponding tag (2) of the present Dashfolio 2015 weblog.

I would also like to confirm that the development of the .org module of my NetPlusUltra®-sustained quadrilogy (3) - which had to be postponed due to the necessity to integrate an Extranet module dedicated to conceptual crisis management into my internal specifications dashboard - will be completed according to plan (and the website published) by the end of the year.

Daniela BERNDT
French / German

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